TSS Foam has earned a reputation as the leading fabricator of custom foam solutions. Whether working with our own in-house design team or a customer-supplied drawing, we have the experience and equipment to fabricate the most complex foam cushions or packaging components. TSS Foam can also enhance your project with our in-house sewing division and silk screening department. You can rely on our experience to identify the best and most cost effective materials for your project

We specialize in 

Custom Foam Fabrication
RV Cushion Repairs / Replacement Foam
Couch / Chair Cushion Replacement
Camper Mattresses

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TSS Foam Industries owns the patented Emergency Disaster Packs and we are the only source for these specialized products.


TSS Foam Industries offers RV Cushion Repairs, Custom Foam Cutting, Polyurethane Foam Fabrication services and a whole lot more.  We can cut foam to your specifications and that is what makes us “your home for foam”™

We are located in Caledonia, NY and we are proud to manufacturer all our products locally and sell globally.  We serve many industries including Medical, Packaging, Bedding, Industrial, Furniture, Automotive and Assembly.