sewing--element92TSS’s Sewing Department is able to take your project through every facet of the sewing / manufacturing process. With our highly skilled labor force, and plenty of production space, TSS sewing has the capacity to satisfy every clients needs. No job too small or too large.

sewing--element98TSS’s Sewing Department capabilities are wide ranging. Just to list some: fabric sourcing, fabric layups, product design, pattern cuts, die cuts, hot knifing, silk screening, prototyping, and assembly just to name a few.

sewing--element87Our competitive pricing whether we use your materials, or ours, can keep your job in the USA.  We do not subcontract any of our work making our Quality Control process outstanding.  Not to mention, lead times can be minimized.

Our goal is to be your partner and deliver top quality goods made in the USA:

Industries we serve:


If you need custom sewing or any related industrial / commercial sewing services, TSS Foam Industries is your answer.  Give us a call today TOLL FREE 1.888.435.1083 or 585.538.2321 or you may use our CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you right away.