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http://www.RVCushionRepairs.com - We regret to say that summertime is coming to an end but we are excited to tell you that now is a great time to have your RV Cushions Repaired / Replaced.

Mention coupon RVFB93 and you will receive a special discount not offered anywhere else. This discount is for a limited time so please give us a call 585.538.2321 and see how we can help you.

We can also repair / replace your couch cushions, kitchen chairs and your bed! We offer custom sizes - High quality foam and quilted covers!

Check out our New Online store!

Happy July 1st! We at TSS Foam hope that you have a safe and fun Fourth of July weekend.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!
We at TSS understand the importance of family, and we hope that all of you get to spend some time with yours.

Our employee of focus is Terri Laurie.
More than a receptionist, Terri helps run the front office of TSS Foam with grace and decorum. Integral to the office, she handles the vast majority of ins and outs for business during the day. Often, she is the voice you hear when you call us, and is the first face to greet you upon visiting us.

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Part of our Gluing process, taken from an upcoming project. Stay tuned for more behind the scene of TSS Foam Industries

As a sample of a few things to come, here is a stop motion gif of part of our screen-printing process.


The founder of TSS Foam Industries Corporation with more than forty years of industry experience. His hard work and determination has built a business that prides itself on creating customer-focused, quality products.

Sam’s dedication to this model has lead to the creation of his patented Disaster Pack, an emergency bedding or comfort pack designed to bring a little bit of home to those who need it the most.

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A look at our Disaster Pack product, and just how it can bring comfort and security to those who need it most.

A glimpse inside the inner workings of our production facility.